Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maker Faire Quotes

Hello everybody, sorry for the late post, I am still learning the blogger site and my posts on Monday and Friday did not go through.  I will leave you with a couple of quotes about Maker Faire, a meeting of makers where they share their inventions and get new ideas.  
“Maker Faire establishes relationships that did not previously exist…between ideas, between things, between people.”
“…the most important thing Maker Faire does is establish those relationships among makers.”
-Dale Dougherty, editor and publisher of Make: Magazine

Dale Dougherty started Make: Magazine, and has been a key player in setting up Maker Faires and is thought by many to be the metaphorical “Leader” of the Maker Movement. But he has said many times to this that the point of the movement is to not have a leader that people follow underneath of. To me, the movement means that we do not need a leader; we all are equal and working together. No one is better or more important in the movement. Sure, there are people like Dale Dougherty and, say, Adam Savage From the TV show Mythbusters™; who do have more influence, and can attract more people to a Maker Faire, but they will work together with the 14 year old kid there for the first time as if they were the same age.  Another great quote is from a maker who I met at a Maker Faire, who described it as:
“Burning Man meets Popular Mechanics.”
This is a very simple and true definition. Maker Faire is just a place where people with similar intrests hang out, but show off their different projects and ideas and collaborate with each other.  It is this collaboration that makes the Maker Movement so unique.


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