Friday, March 29, 2013

The Great Meetup

Hey! So I have been to four Maker Faires the past two years, and I thought it would be a cool thing to do if I compared them and their relative size.

Huge – San Francisco.
This is the biggest Maker Faire. I would 100% recommend that you go to this. It was my first Maker Faire, and it is probably the best. They have the most presenters, the most shops, and the best entertainment. They always pull out all of the stops there. I went for two days and still didn’t see everything. It is a great starter Maker Faire if you want to get into it, and it is great for veteran Makers.

Big - Detroit.
Still has a carnival air to it, but It is much more intimate. It had a lot more shops and people trying to make money. It was still a great Maker Faire, and I would recommend it for more seasoned Faire-goers. You really get to meet a lot of great people, but you do not run into Adam Savage and Dale Dougherty in one hour there.

Small – Houston.
This one is much smaller and way more intimate. I met most of the makers presenting just walking around. Some I still talk to. It is a great place to go and register as a Maker, especially if it is your first time. It helps you learn the ropes, meet a bunch of new people, and you help the small Maker Faire grow. We want to make the Maker Faires all over the world as successful as San Francisco, and we can’t do that unless you help out at your local Maker Faire.

Mini – Austin.
Now, I know, Houston was a Mini Maker Faire, but it was much bigger than Austin was. Austin was much smaller. They only had about 15 presenters and a couple of companies and small shops selling stuff. It was a lot of craft stuff, but that might have been because of where it was. These are great starts for Maker Faires, but we need much more people in the area to come down and showcase some stuff to attract more people. With some work, we could turn Faires like these into ones like San Francisco.

Now, I don’t want you to take from this that small Maker Faires are bad. All of these Maker Faires were great experiences and I would recommend going to every single one I just found it interesting how they change the smaller and bigger they get. I think that we should try to go to as many Maker Faires as possible and really spread and evolve these great meetups. If it weren't for Maker Faire, I wouldn't be writing this blog right now, and I want to give that change to everybody.

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