Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Searching for the Long Lost Idea

So today is my last post for my school project. I want to thank all of those people who checked on my blog often. This was a great experience, and I hope I helped you. I am not sure if I am going to continue this and keep updating it, or not. It probably will not be updated until after the summer either way though, because I am heading to the University of Georgia. But I thought I would leave you all with some helpful advice and links about projects. We all can have times where we just have no ideas. These are great places for you to get inspiration, and make something awesome.
Probably the handiest piece of updated information for a maker is MAKE: Magazine. They are the Wall Street Journal of the Maker Movement, and constantly have pages upon pages of great projects, ideas, and tips for makers. I cannot stress how great this magazine is. Here is the link to their website, with their blog, and forums. These are also great places to look, because you get much more stuff on the blog, and you have a ton of support from people on the forums.

Another great website is This site has millions of user submitted pages in all sorts of categories, teaching you how to make and do things. From tying a bowtie to making a fire-breathing jack o’ lantern, you can find anything on there, and it is a great place to browse for ideas and solutions. Instructables does a great job of meeting a lot of interests, while supplying a great community and a way to make your projects worldwide.

Another great place to get ideas, help, equipment, and projects is a makerspace. These places constantly have people coming in working on projects, looking for help, or looking to help you. It is a great support system to any maker. If you are looking for a place to show off what you have made, or see what other people have, one of the best places is Maker Faire. These places are the official meetups for makers, and have so many people from all over the country, and world, showing off what they have done. I have gotten ideas for a bunch of projects just wandering around and bumping into people at Maker Faire.

Something that was put on by Make last summer was the Google+Make Summer Camp; which, though directed at kids, is a great resource of a bunch of different projects and ideas. It was on Google+, but all of the videos and projects have been moved onto the Make YouTube channel.

The best way to come up with ideas and solve problems is collaboration, and the Maker Movement has no lack of that. Everybody is looking to help each other, and that is what is truly magical about all of this. There is competition, but not so much that you withhold secrets. I have started conversations with random people I have never met before at Maker Faire, and we talked like we knew each other our entire lives. With technology and the internet, it has become easier and easier for us to reach out to the world. I live in Dallas, Texas, and my blog has been read by people as far as Russia. Right now, a total of 1,168 people have read this blog. This kind of reach and collaboration will change the world forever. There are going to be entire textbooks dedicated to this time period, and we need to make our stamp in those books. Thank you so much for reading my blog and being with me on this journey. 

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