Saturday, March 9, 2013

Going Pro

Hey guys. Today I want to talk about another article in Make: Magazine issue 33. This article is named “Going Pro”, and it gives some great advice about starting a company off of your idea. It talks about the Author, David Merrill, who started a company called Sifteo. The company makes 1 inch LCD computers that interact with one another to facilitate different intelligence-driven games. He tells how he got his company started, and was able to start making a profit and having a substantial company based off of one of his ideas.

There are two great parts of this article. He lists reasons why makers can start making successful companies easier now, and warnings for when you do try to venture into making a living off of what you build. The world is changing. Supplies and manufacturing costs are down to the lowest they have been. As more startups are becoming successful, the more help you can find to make your idea a reality. Probably the biggest reason startups are more successful is because of the maturing internet. From having  your business in the world of bits, to generating donations to make your product, the internet is fast becoming the incubator for new small businesses.

One of the biggest places for start-ups is Kickstarter is a place where creators can put up their ideas; whether it is a new video game, a 3D printer, or even albums. People can then pledge money for that idea, and you can get a great idea of the market for your product. Some Kickstarters have raised over 2 million dollars.

But the article warns that makers need to be wary as they dive into starting a company. You need to not be so attached to their idea that they cannot see when it is failing and will not succeed. You also need to be aware of what company you want to create, and who you are trying to sell to. Cut your expenses. A lean company is a good company, but do not starve your company so that it cannot grow. You need to believe in yourself, and your idea. You are your biggest fan, and you can do anything you can think of.