Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Changing Tradition

Hey guys! So I am a Boy Scout, and recently I worked on my Eagle Scout Service Project, which was building a pergola out of wood for my school. I had a bunch of kids from my school come and help, and I couldn't help but notice (after my dad pointed it out), that most of the kids there had never made anything big out of wood. They did not know how to use tape measures to find the length you need to cut, how to mark the wood, how to cut it, and other things I had learned as a kid.

As a kid my dad and I always would work on some big wood projects. We would make bird houses, benches, just basic stuff. Truthfully my dad did most of the work on it, but he taught me how to measure wood, how to mark it, and even had me go through the terrifying experience of cutting the wood. These projects were some of the best memories from my childhood, and were the times that I really bonded with my dad. So the fact that these kids didn’t know how to do that shows that they never really did the same thing as me. I always thought of these projects as influential parts of childhood. Going out in the garage or something and making projects with your mom or dad. It really surprised me when I found this out, and I am not sure how I feel about it.

This really shows how kids are doing less and less with their parents, and probably staying inside on the computer or watching TV much more. This is not a bad thing though. It is great that kids are becoming more independent, and working with the technology that is paving the future. But still, it is something interesting to think about. Working with my dad on these projects was really one of the most important parts of my childhood. It was what really got me interested in making, and we still do it some today. I bet many of you did something similar to this with your parents. This shows that we are moving into a new time period where kids want to do these projects less, and the parents probably don’t want to do them any more than the kids do.

Take from this what you will. I just find it a really good example of how our society is changing. For better or for worse is what you get to decide.